Switch off from the busy world.

And switch into nature. A bath? A hike and a picnic? Cider? You choose.

My surroundings

My surroundings

My village, El Faedal, has a population of 20 people, who work in agriculture and livestock farming. They lead simple lives and are welcoming people who are always ready to help. Feel at home in a forest environment, enjoy the meadows with their cows, goats, sheep and the rooster crowing in the morning.

The natural spectacle is magnificent. Valleys and mountains alternate around the village, in the heart of the Valdés municipal county. Nearby, there are other villages such as La Mortera, Brieves, Ferrera or Muñás.

Basic Services

25 minutes away.

Clinic, pharmacist, supermarkets, ATMs, post office. There are bars, restaurants and many shops. It also has its own church.

Trevías is the largest nearby village with the most services. Its geography is determined by the course of the river Esva, which flows through it. The Foces del Esva route, by the way, is highly recommended.

25 minutes away.

Petrol station. Pharmacist.

Brieves is a small and pretty village on the route to Trevías. It has a pharmacist and a bakery-bar.

25 minutes away.

Service station.

From Novellana you can already see the sea. It is a larger village, with many scattered houses and several restaurants. I would stop at El Roxu before going up to El Faedal, if you are coming from the motorway.

8 minutes away.


Ferrera is a nearby village, with a traditional Asturian Bar. Very tipical. Don't miss it.

30 minutes away.


It's better that you never have to go to hospital. Jarrio belongs to the council of Coaña, where one of the most important ancient hill forts in Asturias can be found.

35 minutes away.

Turist Information Office

Luarca is a coastal town in western Asturias. A fishing village and an important fishing port since the Middle Ages. Shops and all kinds of services. Be sure to visit Cabo Busto, the Regalina Chapel, the lighthouse, the Kiss Bridge, the cemetery with the remains of Severo Ochoa and spectacular views, the Fonte Baixa Gardens, the beaches of Cueva, Barayo...

The council of Cudillero is a neighbour of Valdés. The colourful houses in the harbour are very characteristic. Be sure to visit the Plaza de la Marina, the Baluarte viewpoint, the old quarter and its viewpoints.

La Fonte Baixa

Come to the Forest

Hiking:get to know our surroundings along paths and trails or walk to the Hoces del Esva gorges, Cape Busto or along the Llugarinos trail. Hiking trails in Valdés

Recreational Areas: there are many recreational areas nearby

Horseback Riding: connect with nature galloping on a horse + info

Activity-based Tourism: oxygenate and release adrenaline in the countryside Learn more!

Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago): The stage through the Valdés municipal county is nice and easy. It runs through a picturesque landscape spotted with cultural places of interest.

Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) in Valdés

Come to the Beach

Beaches: each more impressive than the one before, the closest beaches are Cueva, Cadavedo and the outstanding Playa del Silencio and Barayo (the best unspoiled beach in Spain according to The Times) + on our beaches

Surfing: Catch some waves

Angling and Nautical Tourism: + info

Kayak y paddle surf in Luarca: + info

Boat trips: + info

Silence Beach

If you Want to have a Nice Meal...

Asturian cuisine is based on high quality local produce: meat, fish and varied vegetables. You will enjoy a nice meal in any given cider bar (chigre), in a Michelin star restaurant, and all the categories in between.

You can go to a restaurant in the piers of Luarca, Cudillero, Soto de Luíña, Caroyas, Novellana… these are good places, but there are many more.

Some recommendations

Culture and Tradition?

Cultural centres, ethnographic museums, interpretation centres, parks and gardens, astronomical observatory, industrial archaeology:

What do you want to visit?


And if you Open up the Scope