House rules

Thank you for reading the Conditions of Stay.

Booking and confirmation

Flora&Fauna reserves the right to cancel a booking until we have received the total amount of the deposit for the stay.

Booking deposit

The booking deposit is an amount of 200 € provisionally paid together with the total amount of the booking and is intended to serve as a deposit in case of possible damages. It shall be reinstated on its completion.

Contract duration

The duration of the stay will be the duration described in the booking, and cannot be extended due to the fact that it is a seasonal rental.

Arrival and departure time

Check-in time is from 6 p.m. on the first day of the booking.

Departure time shall be before 12 a.m. noon on the day of departure.

The entry and exit of the house will be done autonomously, through a key box with a code, where the key will be returned on the last day.

Number of guests

Only those persons who are obligatorily notified and listed in the booking are allowed to occupy the flat, which is specially equipped for this purpose. The maximum number of guests allowed per stay is six.


The house is fully equipped for a comfortable and pleasant stay for a maximum of six people, including children.

Sorry, not allowed

It is essential to maintain a good relationship with neighbours and respect for other guests, therefore smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation and pets are not allowed, with all the pain of my heart.


Flora&Fauna has a simple inventory of the objects inside which is available to guests.

Internet/wifi connection

The house has a network and password to connect to the wifi network of a telephone provider that works well in the area. However, Flora&Fauna is not responsible for possible connection problems, whether it be inconsistency, signal quality or problems due to incompatibility in the settings of the devices to the network.


Due to the orographic characteristics of the hilly area, parking places are limited. Guests undertake to park their vehicles in the designated areas, as they are aware of the nuisance and damage they may cause to neighbours if they leave their vehicles in other places that hinder or impede their passage.


Because of COVID-19, Flora&Fauna is taking measures to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Follow a thorough cleaning protocol.


If necessary, the cancellation of a booking will be carried out by e-mail to

If the booking is cancelled within one month of the arrival date, the full amount will be refunded. If you cancel before 10 days, the refund will be 70% of the amount. If you do so after the 10-day deadline or do not show up, Flora&Fauna will charge the full amount. In any cancellation option, the booking deposit will be refunded in full.

Data protection

Guests authorise Flora&Fauna to collect the personal data provided for the sole purpose of managing and registering the booking. This authorisation for the transfer of data and communications may be revoked at any time by the data subjects by sending an e-mail to

If you have any questions, please write to