COVID standards

Flora & Fauna health and safety requirements

Flora & Fauna carries out COVID-19 security practices as long as they are required by law:

It is mandatory:

1. Wear mask and observe physical distancing measures when required by local laws or guidelines.
Where required by local laws or guidelines, guests must accept:
– Wear a mask or face shield when interacting with each other.
– Maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times.

2. Follow the advanced cleaning protocol between one stay and the next.

Additional indications for travel in times of coronavirus

1. Do not travel if you have recently been in contact with a positive or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
To ensure the health and safety of the community, do not enter the house or interact with guests, and do not come to the estancia in any of the following situations:
– Have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days or currently have the disease.
– They suspect that they have contracted the disease or have been at risk of infection, and are awaiting test results to confirm or rule out whether they have COVID-19.
– They have symptoms or believe they may have contracted COVID-19.
– During the past 14 days* they have had close and continuous contact with a person who has coronavirus or whom they believe may have contracted the disease.

2. Wash your hands regularly
Remember to wash your hands frequently, especially if you are in contact with people who are not part of your booking group and if you touch surfaces and utensils in a shared space or common area.
– Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
– You can also do this with hand sanitiser.

3. Follow local regulations or guidelines on face masks and social distancing in common areas and shared spaces.
When in a common area or shared space follow local regulations and guidelines on masks and social distancing from anyone not part of your booking. In this sense Flora & Fauna provides a non-contact arrival.

From Flora & Fauna
– The number of guests shall be limited as necessary to allow for physical distancing in all common areas, where required by local laws or guidelines.
– The housing shall be well ventilated, according to our cleaning protocol for preparation, cleaning, disinfection, testing and replenishment, the same as RbNb
– The house will be delivered clean and disinfected for each stay.
What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 during or after your stay.

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have started to feel any symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend that you inform the relevant local authorities and anyone with whom you have been in contact and who may therefore have been infected.