flora & fauna miniature

I am a friend of guests who are committed to sustainable tourism that interrelates and balances the environmental, economic and socio-cultural dimensions.

I am aware of the effort it has taken to get me back on my feet as an Asturian village house and I keep many details that have been added to my renovation.

I use only the energy I need; I compost and I'm a fan of recycling and I would love it if you are too. In the veranda meadow is my friend 'Dora', the composter, waiting for you to deposit the organic waste from your stay, that will then fertilise the soil, trees and plants.

miniaturas flora y fauna

I believe in the lucid progress of all of you, humans, through respect for the environment, responsible local development and integration into your local community.

I feel the arts and culture as another of my lungs and way of humanising this, sometimes incomprehensible, world. You will find details of Asturian artists and DIY functional objects created expressly to live here with you.

I participate in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration program #GenerationRestoration to preserve biodiversity and cooperate in reversing the damage we have been inflicting on our environment and ourselves.

I continue to evolve, trying to improve the aspects related to my ecological footprint and those that can make your stay in Asturias an even more enriching experience.