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Flora's Bedroom

Because If You Come...

You will have it all.

I am Flora & Fauna, an Asturian village house, built in 1850 and perched in the Valdés municipal council, very close to Luarca. I have been painstakingly ❤️ renovated, keeping in with my traditional structure and generating the smallest environmental footprint. I live in harmony with my neighbours and surroundings: forests, beaches, fishing villages and very valuable cultural heritage.

Retreat to the Impossible

The symbiosis between tradition and my presentexistence makes me a very special rural accommodation: cowbells will sound and goats will graze while you warm up with renewable energy.

Lounge/dining room detail
Grazing cows

Spectacular Surroundings

Feel at home here in El Faedal, a village in the Comarca Vaqueira county in Asturias. Here you will find our cowherds (vaqueiros de alzada), our pristine beaches, as well as mountains, highlands, valleys, rivers and native forests.

In the West of Asturias

Tailor your experience to your liking and I will be your epicentre for rest, calm and well-being. Everything is close: natural and cultural heritage, activity-based tourism, cuisine… and the most open and welcoming neighbours.

Gueirua Beach
Freshly made breakfast

In detail

Wake up with one foot in the veranda, have freshly baked bread for breakfast, and enjoy a barbecue with local produce. Put on music, a movie, bake a cake or just rest.

Outside, paths and trails, rivers and beaches, views and oxygen await you. And, if you don’t want to drive, just get a taxi.


I am respectful of my surroundings and participate in real sustainability,ecology in resources, care for the environment and integration with my community.

Forging leaf detail